Beginner’s Guide To Side Sleepers Pillows


Side sleeping is always a sensitive position and requires a pillow with the best support for the position. Most people only think of comfort when the idea of buying pillows comes to their minds. Emily at Sleep Ridiculously Well website offers the best examples of pillows with amazing side sleeping support capability. If you do not have much knowledge about side sleepers pillows, then this article is for you. It will take you through all you need to know about side sleeper’s pillows.

A guide to side sleepers pillows

Who is a side sleeper?

Any person who finds it comfortable to sleep on their side for long hours can be considered as the side sleeper. Even when changing positions, such a person turns to face the opposite direction with the whole body. It is rare to find such a person sleeping on the stomach or the back. This position can cause neck pains if the head lowers too much towards the mattress. There is, therefore, a great need to have a well-supporting pillow.


Effects of side sleeping

As mentioned above, the side sleeper’s head creates a significant distance between the head and the mattress. If such a person lowers the head too near the mattress, then the spine will not be in line with the body thus causing endless pains by morning. The neck pains will also be more and never ending until you find the best supporting pillow.

Qualities of the best side sleepers pillow

The number one quality of such a pillow is support. The pillow must be firm enough to retain the head and neck in position. The spine must also be in line with the head to avoid bending. The material may range from bamboo foam to latex, but the manufacturers put emphasis on support of the pillow. Another quality to check is the comfort which is brought by the aspect of the material. Side sleepers pillows also come with hypoallergenic quality and resistance to bacteria, fungi, and dust.

Example of side sleepers pillows

Hollander beautyrest latex – A firm latex made pillow wit resistance to termites. The foam easily aligns well with the head to offer the best side sleeping support.

Five stars down alternative pillow – The pillow is well stuffed with microfiber to offer enough support to the side sleeper. It is hypoallergenic and resistance dust and termites as well.



As you can see, all side sleepers need to buy pillows with the best support as a priority. However, comfort and other functionalities are equally important for the best sleep. Choose well.