A clean and sparkling toilet helps to keep the home fresh and makes the bathroom more decent. When there are guests in the house, they would be more concerned about the sanitary conditions in the bathroom, rather than looking at the artistic design of the house. Toilets may become dull or get attracted to stains due to improper cleaning or due to residues left from the running water that contains various minerals. Toilet a special place in your home and needs to be clean always.

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Use bleaching powder

Take about half a cup of dry bleaching powder and let it stay in the bowl for about two hours. Then Flush the bowl and get rid of the stains.

Flush toilet well after every use

It is crucial to flush the toilet whenever you visit the bathroom and use the porcelain. If not flushed regularly, stains will start building up, and the toilet will start becoming dull and lose its shine.

Use a toilet cleaner

A special toilet cleaning product will help to remove the stains and make the toilet shiny and at the same time will aid in disinfecting the toilet to maintain hygiene and prevent diseases from occurring.

Use vinegar or lemon juice

Choose any one between vinegar and lemon juice and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Then spray the liquid into the bowl and let it stay for 30-45 minutes. Flush the porcelain with tap water or warm water.

Use coca-cola

The acidity level of coca-cola being higher helps to remove stains quickly and clean the toilet. Pour the liquid onto the sides of the bowl and let it stay for about an hour. Flush the toilet with tap water and see the amazing results.

Use trisodium phosphate

For tougher toilet stains, this product proves very useful. Take one tablespoon of Trisodium phosphate and mix it well with a gallon of warm water. Take a cloth a soak it in the mixture. Wear a pair of gloves and rub the stains with the cloth until they disappear.

Use a toilet brush

If some stains remain, toiletbriushgsdhfjgkhljkhgfdvsccvbnvmbuse a toilet brush and rub it well on the bowl surface. For more results, pour the toilet cleaner
onto the sides of the bowl and then clean it thoroughly with the brush. Then flush the bowl.

We all yearn or a sparkling clean toilet. This is achievable if we maintain our hygiene. Take your time to do the necessary.